Mini 12

Boarding machine for man, woman and children socks.

New boarding machine for socks with 12 forms, one electric press, a hot air setting tunnel and an automatic unloading system; it can be equipped with water nozzles or low-pressure steaming system.

Mini 12

Mini 12

Machine is also suitable for small production environments needing a reliable and flexible system, capable of achieving a good level of finishing quality without the use of expensive systems for the production and distribution of steam. The reduced number of boarding forms speed up their replacement, allowing quick size changes and adapting the machine even to the production of small batches of product.


  • Water nebulizers;
  • Low pressure steaming, complete with a small generator;
  • Electric press;
  • Hot air boarding tunnel;
  • Touch-screen display for the machine setting with the possibility to store working recipes;
  • Electronic self-diagnosis with errors or malfunctions visual messages;
  • Pneumatic device for a quick forms replacement;
  • Setting tunnel with hot air circulation heated by electric elements;
  • Clamp stripping device;

Mini 12 is also suitable for tube socks boarding, just replacing the boarding forms.


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